Activating target audiences. That’s what we do at BENK. Yet we're no ordinary activation agency. That's because we believe in the power of collaboration, called Joint Marketing.

Joint Marketing

The power of collaboration starts immediately at first contact. To truly connect instantly, that's what we believe is important. Our Joint Marketing Managers are the directors within our own campaigns. We work closely with our clients to ensure these campaigns become great successes!

Why debate our strategy and concept ideas only with marketing, when sales, trade marketing, and communication all pursue the same goal? Together, we strive for successful results.

The power of collaboration is also important when we further develop the activation campaign. Because often, goals are met more efficiently and more qualitatively when we enter into a partnership. Think of a fellow brand, a medium, a leisure or incentive provider, a (new) sales channel, for example. More impact, better reach.

Our wide network of partners allows us to find the right experts to ensure the best results for each activation campaign every single time.


Our method is simple, yet effective. We always put the target audiences first and, through insights, develop a relevant and distinctive strategy and concept idea. These are then translated into a creative and influential activation plan. Indeed, the right content for the right medium at the right time aimed at the right target audience.

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1. Insights

We always work starting at insights. These form the foundation of our campaign.

2. Concept

From insights, we arrive at a relevant, distinctive and creative concept which brings the right parties together.


We reach your target audience by employing the right activation resources, with which we gain attention and we put people (and processes) in motion.

4. Director

In our campaigns, we take the work out of your hands and fulfil the director’s role ourselves

5. Result

We deliver what we promise. And that’s results.